Michal Abney

Saint Louis, Mo

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With a professional career that spans more than 25 years, Michal began with aspirations in the world of hair design. After 15 years of building an impressive clientele base, he decided to create his own salon.

As founder/salon owner until 2009, he realized his true passion stemmed from understanding of the dynamics of creating and running a successful business. For 3 years, he worked as a business and personal coach, traveling across the US and Canada, leading seminars and trainings for thousands of people. His professional consulting associations include notable companies such as Matrix Essentials, Salon Training International, and PrimeCo Consulting.
A defining moment in his life came in September 11, 2001, where his true passion for not only his life—but also the lives of others—began to emerge. This moment was underscored by the sense that there seemed to be something that the general masses just didn’t appear to be aware of, which lead him to explore the world called The Law of Attraction. The premise simple states that, we are attracting each and everything we experience. Having created specific results using these universal truths over the past 8 years, he is excited about sharing his gift and unique perspective.

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