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Lima, PE

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I went to college in Peru to pursue a degree in communications.

By the end of those 5 years I had gotten really interested in the whole process of making films with an emphasis in cinematography and post-production.

In parallel, music has been my passion career since I remember.

I started to develop my guitar playing skills during my teenager days and although I never took formal lessons, over the years, I have achieved the versatility to be able to play different styles of music.

So once I graduated from college, I started working for many production companies to gain experience and knowledge.

Later, in 2005, I started working as a teacher assistant in the University of Lima in a couple of video courses for about two years before I moved to EEUU.

In America I had working as a touring guitar player for a local rock band and as a freelancer camera operator, DP, gaffer and editor with fellow filmmakers and videographers.

Inside of that process I had met the most awesome people.

Being a videographer and a musician is an incredible experience that has led me to meet new people constantly, being in places that I’ve never imagined to be and at the same time being able to express my ideas or contribute to someone else’s ideas.

That pure expression is what makes me feel that I am contributing with something and makes me feel alive.

Smile every time that you are capable.



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