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Since young interests in global equity, sustainability & peace plus the creativity & humility that's required to help us get there. Not forgetting the necessary sharing of those vital elements honesty, hope & courage - not easy!

Concerns: global equity, sustainable design especially the landscape, environmental issues, the dishonest financial system, emancipation from enslaving corrupt power systems (awareness & understanding come first), indigenous people - aren't we all really just one step removed from being indigenous? I love art & poetry, communication - perhaps I should sing about my concerns but I only have a badly played ukulele to help me!


  1. eve mosher
  2. Tyndale House

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  1. Though cross pollination and GE risks are commonly known, the dangers of breathing in the pollen are not usually mentioned, thank you.
  2. The finished pieces are beautiful - the hours of creative craftspersonship makes the space look very inviting, keep going against the system!