Micheal Madden

Pacifica, California

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This is the official Vimeo page of artist Micheal Madden. He grew up in the San Francisco peninsula and is an Irish immigrant. He works as a stagehand for IATSE Local 16 and attends San Francisco City College.

This is also the official Vimeo page for Micronesia's first album In Technicolour. Recorded on a Yamaha MT8X track cassette, this album is unique in its gritty instrumental design. Starting in 2012, this album has continued to grow and mature in the year it has taken to release. Micronesia takes a nostalgic trip through synthesizer pop, each song having its own strange blend of bitter-sweetness. The tarnished ideal of the album stands in stark contrast with the polished "perfection" of today's music trends and is fiercely underground in its attitude. This is currently an instrumental project, but will eventually be turned into a fully fledged album.

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