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PAUL THOMAS has spent over thirty years creating art, film and music as an animator, illustrator,
strip cartoonist and writer. In all an Expressionist that began at Bob Godfrey’s animation studio
in London in the summer of 1980. Created a variety of work with such clients as.....
Take Hart. Hartbeat. Playdays. Gruey Twooey (All BBC Television), Kate Bush.
The World Of Animation (Channel 4). BBC Worldwide. TwoCan Publishing. NSPCC. London Zoo. Bristol Zoo. T.Rextasy. Creative Week Magazine. Constable & Robinson. Salisbury Journal. Totnes Times. Totnes Museum.

THE HARE AND THE MOON are a mysterious Anglo/Scots duo who take traditional ballads of murder, revenge, madness (and the occasional talking raven) and accompany these with a dark, psychedelic folk music. Mandolins meet pounding drums and distorted guitars alongside a classic English folk vocal. Their two albums are available on the English Reverb Worship label.

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