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Mihoci.Com | The Art of Photography & Videography
David Mihoci
E-mail: mihoci@gmail.com
Telephone: +385 98 220 252
Education: Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb. Department of Photography and Cinematography

David Mihoci lives in Zagreb – Croatia (Europe). He has finished study at the Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb – Department of Photography and Cinematography. He is a member of several photographic societies including World Photography Collections. A part from six major exhibitions, he participated in over 100 group exhibitions in Croatia and across Europe.

PUBLICATIONS AND WORK: Livingstone, Photo FR, Digitalfoto, Playboy, Fotomag, Story, ShowBizz Magazin, Gloria Glam, Bulb magazine, ReFoto, Entomologia Croatica, Natura Croatica, Catalog of the Central bird collection CNHM Zagreb, ETC...

REFRENCE (Major): World Bank, Unicef, Amnesty International, Ascendant Capital Advisors, Juliana Nails Europe, Warner Music Group, Davis Cup, ATP Tennis, HL, Croatian Natural History Museum, Playboy, PhotoFR, LaDivina, ETC...

Awards and acknowledgements:
MV by European Union - best photo, DFM - 2 times best photo, fotoExTempore - 2 times best photographer od the year, MavenArts, USWA, Adesdesign, Webthrower, CW, IV, NWP, ETC...

Wedding Photography and Cinematography: Over 500 wedding sessions in last 8 years with international experience (United States - Hawaii, California, Arizona, Nevada, England, Egypt, Indonesia, Qatar, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Austria, Italy, France, ETC). Wedding coverage is available WorldWide.

Limited number of available dates per year.

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