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Kaua'i, HI

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Michael Charlson is a 27-year-old filmmaker whose ever-refining independent cinematic style has grown enormously through working all over the country. Kaua'i- raised, educated in Santa Barbara and having worked across the United States in a Mobile Recording Studio, Michael has been lucky enough to learn how to adapt to an array of shooting conditions.

Wearing a number of hats, Michael has visualized, directed, shot and edited multiple Music Videos, Profile Pieces, Short Films, Wedding Films and a variety of random Multimedia projects. Having spent two years (2009 – 2011) working as a Video Engineer on Verizon’s Mobile Recording Studio, he also possesses a good understanding of the music production industry. Some musical artists he has worked with include: Taylor Swift, Switchfoot, Kelly Rowland, Travie McCoy, John West, Versus The World, Lagwagon, Lucero, and The Ataris.

Other skills include: Audio Production/Recording/Mixing, Motion Graphics, Compositing, Graphic Design and a borderline-impressive range of Musical Skill.

Michael currently lives on the Island of Kaua'i and is "stoked".

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