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Madison, WI

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I’m a multimedia production professional and gear enthusiast based out of Madison, WI. I have a strong background in television, film, and video production, backed by a thorough, traditional education in the field. I received by Bachelor of Arts degree in multimedia production from the University of Wisconsin in 2013. Since, I’ve dedicated my time to executing creative vision and continuing to learn and grow in this rapidly changing industry.

I currently work at the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, where I produce creative and engaging video/photo content for predominantly a statewide audience. I also work as a freelance cinematographer, camera assistant, and G&E crew member throughout the midwest.

Through my experiences on a wide range of multimedia projects, I’ve developed a fully rounded and pragmatic perspective of what it takes to execute a project. I’ve worked on everything from feature and short films, to television shows, commercials, and music videos. I utilize my creative, strategic and intuitive talents to turn creative visions into successful products that inform, intrigue and entertain.

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