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Mike Green’s films have played at film festivals both nationally and internationally. Most recently, Two Sides, starring BRENDAN ROCK (Snowtown) premiered in-competition at Flickerfest 2013, while Fairytruth, starring ROY BILLING (Underbelly, Narnia, Rabbit Proof Fence) will premiere at St Kilda Film Festival.

Mike is a judge with the industry benchmark, LA based, feature film screenwriting competition Scriptapalooza and has developed and optioned an award-wining screenplay out of the USA, to which he is attached as director/producer.

Mike prides himself on crafting emotive stories for cinema and surrounding himself with passionate collaborators. These have included, STEPHEN CURRY, DAN WYLLIE, CHRIS HAYWOOD, ALICE PARKINSON, cinematographer IAN JONES (AFI 2007, Ten Canoes), sound designer BROOKE TREZISE (Wish You Were Here), colourist JAMIE HEDIGER (Animal Kingdom) but to name a few.


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