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Young? (that’s between 15 and 20), adventurous, keen to explore and inspired to make a difference to our world as we know it?

Then Mike Horn’s Young Explorers Programme (YEP) is for you.

Of course, before we get into the nitty gritty, you obviously want to know who Mike Horn is? Well Mike is without doubt the most experienced extreme global explorer on the planet. He’s been there and done that – and more often than not, totally solo (check out the rest of this website for his ‘creds’).

After exploring most of our globe with a fine tooth-comb (besides outer space – that could come though), and surviving on next to nothing, Mike’s objective is to share all his many years’ (and tears) of experience - with our youth. Why – simple – because from what he’s seen, he believes only you guys can protect and save Mother Earth – you’re its future!

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