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Mike Mayhall . . . producer / director / actor


Michael describes himself as a story teller.

Be it as an actor, a playwright, a fight choreographer, a producer or a director. His passion to create new works of art and to develop new ideas seems endless!

Originally from New Orleans, Mike developed a love for the stage and screen at an early age and has pursued his goals and dreams ever since. He has worked as a leading actor, a director, a producer and a fight choreographer through out the industry. He has developed and been a part of creative teams on dozens of original shows and show openings throughout the southeast and Los Angeles. It was his love for producing and directing and show development that led him to create Mayhem Productions. A talent run entertainment company where artists and professionals can come together to create lasting and original pieces of work.

Currently, Mike and Mayhem are back in New Orleans, doing what they do best - creating and working on new and exciting projects.

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