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Willowbrook, IL

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I love to tell stories and communicate messages through visual art, and I try to challenge myself to take risks and grow my skills with every new project.

I am the Marketing Manager at an advertising agency by day. In the evenings and on weekends I take on as many video and photo projects as I can. I specialize in creating artistic and promotional videos and photos for bands, politicians, and other personalities. Music videos are my favorite projects, as they weave together my love of storytelling, design and music, but I have taken on a large variety of projects over the years, including:

- Music videos
- Political campaign photos and videos
- Engagement photo shoots
- Family and child portraits
- Wedding videos
- Event videos - concerts, first communions, funerals, sporting events, school plays, etc.
- Corporate training videos
- Event photography - concerts, sporting events, corporate events

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