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New York City born and raised. Worked as a tour guide at Lincoln Center and for Pan Am (Corporate Sales).
Came to San Francisco in 1967 and was enchanted by the light and the hills. Made it my home in 1970.
Spent a semester at AFI in Los Angeles - never enrolled but attended classes at the Greystone Mansion and worked on four student productions.-

Worked at Universal as Assistant to director John Hughes, Michael Mann and on an indie 35mm short feature. Director of Promotions for Palo Alto Film Festival. Producer at public access Channel 29 San Francisco.

When the tools for editing video became available on the desktop - I enrolled in the SF State MultiMedia Studies Program and worked my way thru as a TA and Lab Manager.

Making and distributing videos online challenges me to make creative statements using a camera and technical skills.

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  1. miki pryor commented on Adrift
    beautiful !
  2. realllly? I thought this was the most boring banal choreography i have ever seen.