Mikko Keskiivari

Helsinki, Finland

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Cinematic Works by Mikko Keskiivari.

The most important element in my art is time. It gives the possibility to create significant moments and narratives, as well as it enables me to emphasise the rhythm of experiencing the artwork.

Silent communication, social rules, the meaning of a subjective individual in a community and emotional charge in architectural space are recurrent themes in my art. In my works I also study the ritualization of everyday routines, the myth of perfection and mystification of mundane events. I make the soundscapes for my works; sometimes the role of sound and music in a film becomes as significant as the image is.

I make art based on my personal perspectives but always for the audience. Viewer's experience is a primary value to me. At the moment I'm interested in how the projection space and structure of the film affects the viewers cinematic experience.

I enjoy team work and collaboration with different communities. This makes the creative process more organic, while offering me alternative perspectives to my subject.

Art can transform familiar to uncanny and strange to familiar and allows discussions on the twilight zone of subjective and objective. For me art is a tool of research and alternativity.

Mikko Keskiivari [b. 8.12.1987, Heinola] is Finnish fine artist, who currently lives and works in Helsinki. He graduated from Tampere University of Applied Sciences in 2011 (Bachelor of Fine Arts) emphasizing on cinematic media art.


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