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I'm a VCE student at Melbourne High School; currently in Year 12 (and studying Media). I love all sorts of films, mainly Science-Fiction and Crime (and have a collection of just over 700 DVDs). Some of my favourites include 2001: A Space Odyssey, Pulp Fiction, Inception and Memento. I'm a big fan of Stanley Kubrick and Christopher Nolan (as you might have gathered). I also enjoy Quentin Tarantino's films.

I like creating abstract and intriguing movies with as much of a different and non-standard style as I can manage. When I'm not taking videos, I'm taking photographs. I have a Canon 650D and a collection of old manual primes (Pentax SMC and Contax/Yashica), mainly from my old film SLRs. Photographs are a great way of both capturing memories and representing one's own perspective on the world.

My dream is to become a professional film director and/or cinematographer, but I still have a strong interest in science and plan on studying physics at university. For now, I'm just trying to keep my options open.


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