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Osaka, Japan

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ミラ嶺花 (Milla Reika)

Milla Reika first began her career as a Mistress and Kinbaku Rope Artist is 2010 in Osaka, Japan. Her training and introduction to the deep world of Japanese SM and Kinbaku began at Matrix SM&Bondage Bar under instruction of Mistress Takmine Ren and then afterwards Shishi-waka san of Ichi-nawa-Kai. From 2011 Milla moved her career to the stage where she now performs regularly at Kinbaku/SM Events throughout Osaka and Tokyo.
ヨーロッパ在住時に日本の緊縛の美しさに魅了される。2010年大阪『SM Bondage Bar MATRIX』のミストレスとして日本のSM業界に参入,2011よりショーパフォーマンスのデビューを果たした。また2012から2013まで『Matrix SM Bar』に代表として経営。それに次ぎパフォーマンスチーム【Nymphetamine】を結成。

As a performer Milla has gained a considerable reputation as a Japanese Bondage Rope Artist (Kinbaku) and performs regularly throughout Japan and more recently in North America. In addition to Kinbaku based performances, Milla also extends her performance arena into Body Suspension, Body Modification/Piercing and SM shows involving torture and interrogation. 

With rope as her main medium Milla constructs her performances draw her viewers into another world. From the ancient tale of “Battle of Danoura” (the Tale of Heike), to the deep power and human relationships portrayed in Junichiro Tanizaki’s, “The tattooist”, to modern tales of Sacrifice, Pain, Pleasure and Love her aim is to create a performance that transports it viewers into the depths of provocative thought and passion. Her performance style crosses numerous genres and moods, sometimes mixing Hard Industrial Style themes with soft sensuality and traditional undertones. 


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