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South London, United Kingdom

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Miller Brothers TV is a film production company that specializes in making high quality web series’ shorts & feature films with an urban edge. Based in South London the company is committed to making youth based productions that are authentic, well produced and showcase the huge array of young talent in the UK.

Set up by two brothers Marcus and Jamal Miller, the idea for the production company was developed in 2012 after Jamal, a university student and young film director sat down with older brother and entrepreneur Marcus and decided to bring both of their skills and talents together to create MillerbrosTV.

In May 2013 the first script was written, auditions began and the first Miller Brothers TV production ‘Encounters’ came to life. Together, with little money but much determination the two brothers set about building a new generation film company with Marcus managing the business side and Jamal leading on the creative side.

MillerbrosTV is dedicated to reflecting the realities of urban youth culture from an honest, hard-hitting and often comedic perspective.

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