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Mimi Garrard has created more than 90 works for the stage and more than 1300 dances for video that have been shown internationally. Her videodances have been shown in festivals in the United States, Europe, South Amerca, Africa, and Asia. Her work was presented recently by the Dance on Camera Festival at the Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center, and at the Library of the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center. She received a lifetime achievement award from the Institute of Arts and Letters in Jackson, Mississippi..

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  1. There's a wonderful interplay betrween the firgures of Mr. Jian and his person. Towards the beginning he seems to bring them into being, then while he floats, they are stationary. I love it when he dissapears into the fkoiating objects in the end
  2. DaI Jian is compelling as are the patterns formed by his multiple images...