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I believe that happiness lies in our ability to witness the natural wonders of life. By connecting to natural beauty we open the gateway to our true potential. - Maurice Spees - Mindful Photography

What really makes me happy is to make people see the natural wonders of life, so that they too realize their potential in which we’re part of these wonders.

That’s why I offer:

Mindful Photography Fine-Art: to enhance the spirit of your living and work environment with the natural beauty of everyday life. To remember we need to be present to receive this present.

Mindful Photography experiential workshops: I give people the platform and experience to get in touch with their true self as a reflection of what they see. Using film and photography as a bridge towards this true happiness. And that’s why I wake up every morning and give you me. Thank you for getting me up. I facilitate experiential workshops for children and adults alike to learn to capture their beauty with photography to enhance their living environment with their own spirit!

Mindful Photography mission:

(Re)connecting people to natural wonders of life to witness their own potential.
Empowering people to start living their uniqueness.
Lifting the human spirit by letting people witness the beauty of ordinary life. Which lifts us far above our ego-manufactured reality.

Maurice Spees is a Buddhist Fine Art photographer, travelling around the world to connect people to the natural wonders and beauty of life. Co-creating with nature to bring you fine-art works that enhance the spirit of your living and work environment.