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She was born in Mexico City in 1968. She lived 11 years in Brusels, Belgium, where she studied photography and cinegraphy.

Director, producer, camarographer editor and postproducer of educational programs about electronic arts [DATA] , Data LAb.01 and .02 for channel 23 (2002/2003/2004).

Director, producer, still image and video art for interdisciplinary performing, concerts, coreographies and multimedia performing whith different companies as Kalispherion, Alicia Sánchez and Co., En Dos partes, La Cebra, Onix, Uno euf is un oeuf, La Politique du Clown, Steven Brown, Cirko de Mente, Circo Sentido and BRW Productions, etc...

Director and producer of performing arts with bacaanda multimedia company (bacaanda means “the dream” in Zapotec language) and in an independent way since 2000.

She has published photographies in different magazines and newspaper, and showed her work in Mexico, Holand, Belgium and France since 1991.

She created the image of Transitio Mx02 (Internacional Festival of Electronic Arts and Video).

Arts fellowships in the program Artes por Todas Partes by the Mexico City Culture Ministry, and Jóvenes Creadores in the Multimedia area in 2003-2004 by FONCA (National Fund of Arts and Culture).

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