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Ming Man was formed with the goal of introducing the world to the benefits of Chinese Philosophy in a manner that is clear, accessible and dynamic. Built on a foundation of logic and science, Chinese Philosophy has sustained one of the world’s oldest and largest cultures for millennia.

We suggest that by focussing on the foundational elements of Chinese Philosophy, rather than the religious and superstitious elements that have accumulated, it will be possible to disseminate the teachings accurately and consistently to a wide audience.
We see the world in the midst of a paradigm shift, Globally, we are moving away from a life of artificial substitutes and towards the rebirth of human interaction as well as our interaction with the environment. At the core of this shift is the growing recognition that we are all connected. That while our statistical understanding of the world (or as we call it “science”) is still in its infancy, our social realization of our true interconnectivity has slowly begun to surface. This sense of interconnectivity, of “oneness”, is something that has always been with us. We have always understood it on a sort of societal subconscious level. We have glimpsed its surfacing periodically throughout the history of Western civilization, and over the past 50 years, exponentially more frequently through pop culture. but while we have spent our time trying to accept this, the great philosophers of Ancient China realized it millennia ago.

They used these principals as a means of nurturing, healing, guiding and sustaining one of the world’s oldest and largest cultures for millennia. And though the CHinese may have strayed from the philosophy during the time of Chairman Mao, we are now witnessing a return to these principals all over the world- in many cases more quickly in the west than in China itself. For this reason, we believe that as a society, understanding Chinese Philosophy will represent a turning point in our perspective of the world around us.
We at Ming Man, believe that our developments have the potential to represent the rebirth of CHinese Philosophy as it was originally intended; free of speculation and contradiction a version made clean, plain, simple, concise and accurate. Av version that once and for all, will allow us to see through the eyes of those great philosophers, to share in their wisdom, and hopefully, one day, continue where they left off.

Welcome Ming Man, welcome to The Science of Chi.

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