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  1. Glitch Safari

    by Jeff Donaldson joined

    26 Videos / 267 Members

    Displays will glitch in our modern, urban landscape. These occurrences generally go unnoticed by society or are ignored as technological failure. Glitch Safari is a group that sees the magical…

  2. Moviola Pub 1.0

    by Artur Arias Dutra joined

    1,067 Videos / 348 Members

    A place for artists of audiovisual drink some tequilas together and see unusual shorts. Join us!

  3. humhum

    by Peter Dekkers joined

    7 Videos / 2 Members

  4. Short Animation

    by Alexander Blagochevsky joined

    27.7K Videos / 9,275 Members

    All sorts of short animation.

  5. Chipmusic for the Masses

    by 2 Player Productions joined

    688 Videos / 300 Members

    WHY WE'RE HERE: The goal of this group is simple: To create an international hub for every video that has anything to do with Chipmusic. If you have footage from a live show, an artist profile,…

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