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For more stuff visit vimeo.com/miopiafxdemos or miopiafx.com

We cover the full PostProduction process, from the very beginning to the Master delivery.

Technical and creative advice for PRODUCTION COMPANIES & ADVERTISING AGENCIES, along the whole production process, from budgeting to creativity development.

Supervision and advice during the pre-production process, developing tools and technical solutions to solve any challenge the production requires.

Shooting Supervision, to help achieve an optimal result in Visual Effects terms. Trying to solve any inconvenciences we face during the production process.

Comprehensive Postproduction, involving: Artistic Compositing, live footage retouching , 3D creation, Online edition, Color correction, Digital Post-Grading, and Master delivery.

Visual Effects 2D & 3D design, production timing & planning, advice and directing.

Always aiming for an OPTIMAL RESULT, we rely on a team of extremely experienced profesionals, on the Production, Supervision, Compositing and 2D & 3D design. Besides that, we contract several free-lance Profesionals to fit our Human Resources requirements to every Project’s needs.

The Technical Equipment: Discreet Flame, Flint, Shake, 3D Xsi & Mental Ray,

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