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When the "Endeavour Space Shuttle" started her journey, the world watched and listened with high attention. Another Journey into the big unknown called "space", which would create heroes and a bound between all those who followed the activities and missions the human kind started, to get to know what's outside of our beloved small "blue planet".

This bound is exactly what we want to reproduce with our music. No matter where you're from or how old you are, our goal is it to produce and present music for everyone.
Join us in our Endeavours and be a part of this mission, which consists of bringing the heroic space touch into the world of club-life and club-music.

With a crew of ambitious, energetic producers and live acts we'll convince you, that we're on the right flight and we know exactly where we want to land - no turbulences.

We don't understand ourselves as just a label, or just an event which is one time only. We understand ourselves as a crew and we present ourselves as a crew - everywhere, anytime, everyone - and where very solicitous when it comes to our work. Every Song, every DJ-Set and every record you will get with the trademark ENDVR will be from us.
From the tip of our shuttle until the last drop of kerosene which will burn in our engines, we worked for it by ourselves. No ghost-writers or something else. No fucking around.

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