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I'm Missy Jubilee and I'm a multi-disciplinary digital artist, film maker, sound sculptor, photographer and experimental writer. And I am committing myself to being Missy Jubilee, the artist - documenting Missy Jubilee, the weirdo fucked up strange outsider who never felt she belonged anywhere because I didn't think normal thoughts about sex.

This is a five year project that I have embarked on to document my past, present and future sexuality and thinking over a total of 250 serialised short films. That is one short film per week for a very long time. But I've got a lot to unpack.

In these instalments, I explore the thought processes of the 10% of my sexual personality that the other 'nice girl' 90% of my personality and society has repressed since I was 12 years old. Nice girls don't......(insert god knows how many rules here).

I want this to be a release of all the shame, of being labelled and controlled by exclusion, a peeling back all the fake additions I've scarred myself with - in an attempt to never be wrong in the eyes of society and to fit in.

I seek your creative judgment. Is this body of work comprehensible?. Is it original?. Does it approach sexuality creatively. Does it talk to you?. Can you see into my head when you watch my films?. Did you get to see my sexual insanity up close? Did it get you to react?......not by using cheap porn techniques of harder, bigger and wider, but by making you think?.

I hope so.

As an artist, I believe that if you're going to do something - do it well, do it in an original way - but also, make it truthful. Brutally, completely and uncomfortably truthful is my thang.

If your thang is wanting more information, I'm documenting the whole project at the website below and it is updated several times a day. I think it's a worthwhile read if you want to understand the background of the project.

Thanks for getting this far. That's a long read. Yay for you!.

Smile. Kiss. Missy.

Get social with me below...........

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