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Hamilton, Ontario

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Southern Souls collects performances of the most prolific active musicians from Southern Ontario in out-of-character locales. Every street, park, or city bus is a potential venue.

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  1. Alexandra Petruck
  2. Paul Duck
  3. Michael Maxxis
  5. Shark Pig
  6. Koko Bonaparte
  7. Black Cab Sessions
  8. Salazar
  9. Forward Music
  10. Jared Raab
  11. Jamieson
  12. Light Echo Productions
  13. Davin Black
  14. Bob Gundu
  15. VIFF
  16. The Portland Sessions
  17. ANTLER
  18. George Fok

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  1. Very fine production - musically and visually. Three thumbs up, if I had three!