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Modern Voyage is a collective group of artists who specialize in creating high quality content. Creativity and originality meets award-winning experience. The use of cutting edge filmmaking techniques, inventive motion and graphic design, intimate character development and detailed audio design are coupled with years of multifaceted experience and savvy.

We are not a corporation, we are a collaboration. Every project features people who have specific skills and talents that fit the mold of the production. The collective is structured upon out of the box thinkers, innovative problem solvers and individuals with raw talent who represent a stylized perspective. These visual products contain the human element of craft, that gives them a quality that cannot be replicated.

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  1. Ezra Cohen
  2. Christian Schultz
  3. Bernat Eguiluz
  4. Mark Anderson
  5. Salomon
  6. Kevin B. Lee
  7. David Altobelli
  8. Varnish Effects
  9. Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen
  10. Rob Chiu
  11. Ian Watt
  12. Dean Yamada
  13. steve annis
  14. Thomas Grove Carter
  16. Album Agency
  17. Joe Sill
  18. Emily Kai Bock

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