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Mohit Chhabra is a young emerging director based in Mumbai, India. Mohit’s curiosities in media first led him towards a career in journalism but he soon found his calling in film and to further hone his skills as a filmmaker, Mohit moved to Mumbai and secured admission at the prestigious Whistling Woods International School of Filmmaking. Soon after, Mohit gained experience writing, directing & producing award winning short films, advertisements & documentaries.

In 2012, Mohit was chosen from an elite pool of filmmakers from around the world to collaborate with Academy Award winning filmmaker Davis Guggenheim to direct a documentary on the issue of urban sustainability. This short documentary ‘The Rubber Band Ball’ is the winner of 'Cannes Corporate Media & TV Award 2013' , 'Deauville Green Award 2013' & 'City|Stories Project London 2012' . Since 2011, Mohit has worked for several brands including: Chevrolet, Lux, Xoom, Mortel, Indian National Congress & Whistling Woods International


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