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Mojo Video Tech Inc. operates a digital media production studio in Brooklyn, NYC. Specializing in large scale video projections and multimedia display solutions, the company provides technical consultation and design services to all facets the entertainment technology industry. Clients range from unsigned bands and DJs looking to take their stage show to the next level; to high profile event companies offering architectural video mapping to corporate sponsors.

MVT is owned and operated by Mark Alan Johnson aka Doctor Mojo, master projectionist and display systems specialist. His current work with cutting-edge video projection design is the culmination of a diverse career as both an artist and technician. Mojo's professional experience began nearly two decades ago with a focus on experimental visual art utilizing film and photographic slide techniques. Over the years he has produced visual content and designed projection systems for award shows, product launches, corporate events, theater, opera, and concert tours. When not working on high profile industry jobs he can be found performing as VJ DoctorMojo, a visual artist who is highly sought after in the underground urban music scene.

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