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I'm an author, a public speaker, a board-certified Emergency Physician, a happily married mother of 3, and I am a HUGE advocate for advanced planning and hospice care. Death isn't contagious... you don't "catch" it by talking about it. However, talking about it can enable you to transform your death into a "graceful and even uplifting experience" (quote from one of my readers.) Furthermore, the end of life may in fact be one of the most important phases of living- therein lies opportunities for unprecedented emotional and spiritual growth. Visit my website to learn more.

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  • It's OK to Die - Preparing for the end of life: A How-to guide for making the end of life a time of peace, closure and healing

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  1. Dr Williams-Murphy, I'm a big fan of your blog,, and this video rocks! What a simple idea: referring to hospice those ER patients who are appropriately assessed by their ER physician as at the end of their lives.