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New Urban Mechanics is an approach to civic innovation that focuses on strengthening the partnership between the public and the public sector.

Known as the urban mechanic, Mayor Thomas M. Menino created the Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics in 2010. This office is the City’s research and development group, building partnerships between City agencies and outside institutions and entrepreneurs to pilot projects in Boston that address resident and business needs.

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  1. Particularly offensive is the way the video tells parents to "get informed," while giving them propaganda (blatant appeal to emotion rather than analysis, distortion of facts to make a simplistic claim), and all the anti-information bias that entails.
  2. This video does a disservice to the city-appointed members of the External Advisory Committee, who have had more than 100 meetings to discuss this challenging topic and have really put an amazing amount of time and effort into the process. If it…
  3. Clearly the video maker is very talented in visual arts, but the dramatization particularly in this neighborhood seems designed to hide the real issues. I count approximately 4000 k-8 seats in the area. With 50% set aside for kids in the walk to…
  4. Thank you for enabling comments again. I appreciate the user comment above and agree that in restricting yourselves to depicting our city's complex public schools scene through a very brief "ballet of dots," you are not setting yourselves up for…
  5. the numbers you give state that children travel 1.5 miles to school on a bus. What is your point? For 12 years I put my children on yellow school buses to travel almost 2 miles to go to a great school and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I would…