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My name is Juriaan Vincent Moolhuysen (Leidschendam, 4 October 1983). During my study Interaction Design at the Utrecht School of the Arts in the Netherlands, I developed a passion for producing films and events. It started with a journey I made in 2004 through Latin America which I documented in moving images, sounds and writings. Back home I made my first documentary films about the TodaysArt Festival. My fascination for design and technology inspired me to experiment with the effects of images and sounds in multilineair film. During a study trip to Bangalore in India (2007) I developed together with a design company an online platform for my graduation project Pure Nature (2007). This project displays my film archive of South America in multiple video layers. Pure Nature is exhibited at various exhibitions and is permanently hosted at The Cologne Online Film Festival Video Art Database.

The Hague
My desire for adventure stimulated me to start a company to develop cultural and creative productions. My involvement with the local art scene in The Hague inspired me to initiate projects within the culturele taboo sphere. One of them, the mindfuckmondays (2008), quickly became a known underground music night. More than 150 times we extended the weekend to the Monday night with over 450 performances of experimental artists. With the art project micronations I organized two clubnights in the Irma La Douce. A bar in the obscure environment of the Red Light District. Around this time the foundation Stichting Langweiligkeit asked me to set up the Delta Festival (2009) in Theater de Regentes. After this ambitious cooperation I became Managing Director. From 2008-2011 we organized three major music events and smaller productions. In 2011 we established the new art venue Langweiligkeit Klub.

Please take a look at my portfolio at moolhuysen.com. There are plenty of documentaries, short video impression and picture galleries.

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