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Newcastle Australia

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Allrounder- Create,Shoot, Edit & Produce...constantly learning.
I enjoy capturing all aspects of life and the environment through a variety of angles.


  1. Monster Children
  2. GMTMT Films
  3. Ian Durkin
  4. Todd Davies
  5. Lukas Tielke | peoplegrapher.
  6. Sony Professional
  7. Totem Brand
  8. Alan Besedin
  9. Philip Bloom
  10. No Limit Pictures
  11. BrainFarm
  13. tyevans
  14. Gourmet Footwear
  15. MiseEn Media
  16. Edward Saltau
  17. Matt Wiebe
  18. H. Paul Moon

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  1. Alex commented on Jungle Fever
    Man I am from brazil and i would like so much to visit this place!!!! just amazing!!!!! i'm planning to go to indonesia next year!!! i would appreciate if you could give me some tips!!!!! very cool!!! dream wave!!