Mosno Al-Moseeki

Baltimore, MD

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Mosno Al-Moseeki, the 3rd World Rocker, is an international singer/songwriter Native of Sudan. He is famous for his Arab-poetic lyrics, and pentatonic blend of acoustic alternative rock known as Eclectic Desert Rock.

Is currently working on a full length concept album "Novella" which is a semi biographical story of his cultural migration. Which features many immigrant artist local to his Maryland/DC area, as well as a plethora of exotic instruments such as the Oud, Harp, Djembe & Cello.

-He has opened for award-winning band "Carbon Leaf" (2011)
-Opened for "Rusted Root" as the duo "goatFISH" with Sahffi Lynne (2012)
-His sites are banned in Sudan for his protest song "System Down (#SudanRevolts)" (2012)
-His original song "No Kingdom" (2012) is written & featured in the first Sudanese/American short film "Faisal Goes West", by award-winning director Bentley Brown.
-His original song "A Christmas Wish" (2012) is written & used in a short film sketch in Scotland, UK by ELGATO Film Production, and the song has been translated into Spanish, and is performed by an artist in Mexico for the Spanish sub-titled version of the sketch.

Has an international hit song "Live 4 Now" as a member of the electronic group "t3N", who are now heard all over South Africa & Europe.
His is also featured with DJ N'dinga Gaba on the single "The Offering" (2012) released on the South African label Peng Africa.

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