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My name's Rebecca Kenyon and I'm a freelance filmmaker and editor from London. I set up Mote of Dust Films to create my own documentary films and to collaborate with others.

My current documentary is set in the USA, and filming was completed in April 2013:
'Something You Can Call Home’ is an intimate social documentary that questions the ingrained stereotypes about the kind of person who becomes homeless. In the wake of economic crisis, individuals and families adapt to survive, as even once financially secure Americans now find themselves forced into a different kind of reality of what 'home' means.

During production I became one of the founding members of the residency programme at Cucalorus Film Festival in North Carolina. The film has also recently been offered fiscal sponsorship with Southern Documentary Fund.

'Gallopers' (in post-production) looks beyond the rides of a vintage fairground to the passionate people for whom this is a year-round way of life. Shot with Carters Steam Fair in the UK from 2010, the film is to be completed late 2013/early 2014.

P.N.G Style, a film about a solo journey across Papua New Guinea, edited and co-directed with David Fedele, won Best Documentary at Portobello Film Festival in 2010, has been screened at several international film festivals and broadcast on TV in Papua New Guinea and Australia.

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