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Hi. I am a Visual Communication Designer from Istanbul. Yes, I used to doodle and draw since I was a child. I drew scenes from the Voltron sticker book, watched Robotech and played with Lego Technics. I’ve also seen the dawning of new media up close. If you have been through the same ordeal you will probably know what it means to ‘PRESS PLAY ON TAPE’ and exercise patience. My teenage years were saved soon after I realised all these came together beautifully in graphics design, done on a computer that is. The rest has been a pleasant experience so far.

So, after doing more than a few laps on the graphic designer’s circuit I moved on towards more video, animation and illustration related work. I want to take part in work that is both creative and expressive. Preferably the kind that allows some personal touch; like animated shorts, short films or tailor-made projects.

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