Mountaineer Montessori School

308 20th Street, Charleston, WV

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Mountaineer Montessori School provides a rich academic program in an authentic Montessori environment for children ages 3-12. Our individualized approach to education helps children achieve their unique potential and make the world a better place. Founded in 1976, MMS is the largest and original authentic Montessori school in the state. Our highly outstanding faculty bring extensive educational experience and are certified by the two most prestigious Montessori accreditation programs: AMI and AMS. In addition to our outstanding academic programs, we offer complete arts education, an onsite reading and learning specialist, Spanish classes, PE at the University of Charleston gymnasium and pool and a computer lab. With a burgeoning enrollment and a community of enthusiastic parents, alumni and supporters, we're an affirmative alternative for families who looking for a school that nurtures academic achievement and personal growth. We invite you to experience the Montessori magic for yourself.

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