Eila Goldhahn

Filmed in the UK and in Finland

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I believe that "ordinary" movement and gesture can be considered meaningful and beautiful and that it can evoke powerful feelings and insights in the observer and mover alike. As Mervi in my film "so we are here" poignantly and simply says: "My feelings are my own. Your feelings are your own." Seeing and respecting each other 'as we are' is a key to peaceful communities.

As an artist / researcher I use film and installation because what I find beautiful and touching I want to explore and share. So I craft my movement experiences in film, installations and other media to touch and change the viewer. I have called my work "MoverWitness" (2007) and "camera-witnessing" (2007). It is rooted in Authentic Movement, a specialism in Dance Movement Psychotherapy. I am very grateful to the practitioners who have allowed me to make this work public.

As a teacher of "Authentic Movement" and as a Movement Therapist (and Practitioners Supervisor) I work with people from all different walks of life to develop and support their unique sense of self and their professional lives. I use movement and deep reflection in a private and confidential setting. Some people like to see the work that they do on a special film that is just for themselves and completely private. That is a possibility.

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