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Mytilene, Lesvos, Greece

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The 3d Moving Frame Festival focuses its action in a concrete space of city of Mytilene, in order to express,
through the work of artists who will participate, the reflections that spring from this. We selected the region of
“Ladadika” in Mytilene and through this, it will become an effort to be created a frame which will negotiate this
space but simultaneously will also deal with wider significances that emerge from this.
The region of “Ladadika” existed as a vivid space that was constituted mainly by commercial deposits of soap
and stores of oil, (where the name “ladadika” derives from “ladi=oil”). It’s located near the harbor and was imme -
diately connected with the commercial life of city. With the industrialization this space began progressively to
limit its activities and small businesses to close or to be abandoned in the deterioration of time. Today revive
minimal shops, mainly iron mongers and the region, as generally speaking, has the aspect of abandoned region
in the center, which is used as empty almost space for illegal parking. Certain cafes and the abandoned buildings
testify only the commercial blossoming and the way of life of a period that has passed for good, thanks to a
desirable picturesqueness.
Moving frames as has acted the previous years locating spaces in the city beyond any commercial exploitation,
thus and now attempts to become familiar with this space and also, as much as possible, to be inspired by them
and to comment them.
Receiving practices that were applied in corresponding spaces in the big cities of Athens and Thessaloniki,
where regions as Psyri, Gazi, Metaxourgeio and Ladadika, constituted field of “gentrification” via the capital, market
and sale of cheap real estate, which this logic consequently led to the change of social composition of region,
several questions are elected that are related with the configuration of the space itself , as also for the economic
and social practices that are applied in such cases.
We do not seek to refine and polish the space of “Ladadika” in our region, neither to change the physiognomy of
space and its residents but to elect the transition, the character in suspense, which is besides one of the charac -
teristics of this general period, either economic, cultural, or political. Under this prism and from the acceptance
that “Ladadika” is a sample of a more general change-passage that takes form in the public or private spaces,
following the rhythm of development of a city in a topic and in a global scale and given the fact also that in the
middle of a transition like this, there is always a point that connects the two situations (before and after as we
see the region of Ladadika), we call artists that deal with digital forms of art to express themselves either on this
space or on the occasion of this. The significance of transition places for this year in the festival the theoretical
approach of work of artists that will participate in reconciliation with the space.
Certain deposits will constitute spaces in order to include the digital work however simultaneously we will also
use the exterior surfaces of buildings as canvas. Narrow alleys of the region, the corners, the facades will constitute
the field for the artists to express themselves through picture, sound, text, video, interaction. The main objective
is not the confrontation of the space as a gallery or museum but the space itself to constitute base for
projects in situ.
Mytilene, Lesvos 2011

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