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  1. 01:09:59

    America At Work | Newhouse Military 2012

    by MPD - SI Newhouse School

    25 Videos

    Coming off of one of the worst recessions in our history, America has struggled to bounce back in its economic and spiritual recovery. High unemployment rates, budget cuts, layoffs and a lack of growth…

  2. 40:42

    Together Liberia

    by MPD - SI Newhouse School

    18 Videos

    Together Liberia is an international multi-university project designed to support the Liberian media to tell their own stories. You will find backstage scenes of the project here. http://togetherliberia.org

  3. 20:16

    Multimedia Photography & Design Department

    by MPD - SI Newhouse School

    12 Videos

    Multimedia Photography & Design is a department in the SI Newhouse School of Public Communications

  4. 00:00

    The Fall Workshop | Skaneateles New York

    by MPD - SI Newhouse School

    14 Videos

    Thus fall the workshop visited Skaneateles, a beautiful small community in upstate New York. Each Fall more than 50 graduate and undergraduate students from the Multimedia Photography and Design…

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