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FACTS His refined yet hip mix of non-western music is nowadays appreciated way beyond Amsterdam. Since 2003 he is resident at the Sfinks Festival, Belgium. Besides the famous Amsterdam clubs like Paradiso and De Melkweg, mps PILOT had residencies at The Sugarfactory Amsterdam, Club Lite, Rasa Utrecht, Que Pasa, De Melkweg, Club Mundial, 013/Tilburg, the Global Nights in the artists’ enclave Ruigoord and Mystic Grooves, RASA Utrecht/ Melkweg, Amsterdam. He spins regularly for the Dutch/Maghreb organisation Marmoucha and in the Netherlands many times at festivals such as The Music Meeting, Dunya, Festival Mundial, Amsterdam Roots, Oerol, The Amsterdam Dance Event, Mysteryland, Dancevalley, 5 Days Off, The Contrabanda Festival and Lowlands. His overseas DJ trips in 2003, 2004 and 2008 brought him to Le Festival au Désert in Essakane, Mali. In 2004 mps PILOT deejayed WOMEX. In 2005 he performed during the Jaipur Festival in Rajasthan and in Bombay, India. In 2005 he stirred up 10,000 people during the Rawafid Festival in Casablanca and in 2006 & 2008 a crowd of 50,000 at the Timitar Festival in Agadir, Marokko. 2007 saw the The Sziget Festival, North Sea Jazz & Sfinks. January 2008 DJ mps PILOT traveled one month in Mali also to play for the 3rd time @ Le Festival au Désert. In 2009 it was Spain's turn with performances in Barcelona and Fuerteventura and a winter performance in Istanbul. 2010 resulted in a stunning performance at the Afro Latino Festival (B) and again at North Sea Jazz. It was was the period when mps PILOT founded Future Takamba. Future Takamba is a crossover project of Malian Takamba and Dutch electronic dance and trance music, enriched with VJ / visuals. A convergence of auditory and visual experiment from the Sahara and Amsterdam. mps Pilot was in 2003 at the Festival au Desert in Mali and was captured by the traditional music of the band Super 11which has been there 30 years long term. Their repetitive deep, rootsy music consists of riffs on ngoni's (plucked lute), on vocals and percussion gourds and comes from the oral transmission of tales of nomads from the southern Sahara. Takamba music takes you literally, says Horst Timmers. "I play my electronic music live while the VJ Lotte Man creates an extra dimension with her visuals. Then there are the graceful dancers from the Super 11 group. This creates an intense and modern takamba experience that detachment from the ground. "performances followed this year in Belgium and the Netherlands. They performed touring in The Netherlands and Belgium, and at the the Festival au Niger, Segou and the Jazzy Ben Koum Festival in Bamako, Mali. 2011 is also the first year of his residency at Shuffle.Play in De Melkweg, Amsterdam. In 2012 mps PILOT toured Czechia, Portugal, France and India.

MPS PILOT PERFORMED ALONGSIDE the Tarafs de Haidouks (tour), Shantel, Natacha Atlas, Salif Keita, Tinariwen, Ojos De Brujo, Zuco103, Habib Koite, Mercan Dede, Yuri Buenaventura, Konono No.1, Sekouba Bambino, Mory Kante, NNeka, Sergio Mendez, Hamid Bouchnak, and many others. He joined several times stage with The Future World Funk Dj’s, Bobby & Nihal (BBC Asian network), the Mr Bongo DJ’s, DJ Panko, DJ Dolores, DJ Ipek and DJ Makala

mps PILOT – Style. With an expressive and convincing execution, mps PILOT is able to let traditional and modern styles from Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America flow through each other, forming a contagious sound. While many world music deejays have never heard of ‘beatmatching’, even perceiving it as deadly for the future of music, mps PILOT elevates ‘beatmatching’ to a high form of art. He weaves drum n’ bass rhythms, flamenco palmas, Indian bhangra-or Desi beats and Latin percussion solos into an organic whole. Using a rhythmic, intelligent mix technique, mps PILOT’s music functions as a mindopener.

DISCOGRAPHY StreamerPilot Remixes, with Streamer:

StreamerPilot - Red Sea Remixes
1. Boban Markovic - Sina Nari * StreamerPilot's Sun Day refresh
2. Burhan Ocal & The Trakya All Stars – Karabiber * StreamerPilot's near Detroit refix
3. Nidi D'arac - Quante Tarente * StreamerPilot's when Rattled rmx

StreamerPilot - Black Pepper EP
1. Tigerstyle ft. Miss Rimpi – Bol! Bol! Bol! (StreamerPilot’s Dholstep mix)
2. Ot Azoj Klezmer Band – Turkish Honga (StreamerPilot’s Rare remix)
3. La Mal Coiffee – Filhas que ses a Maridar (StreamerPilot’s Out of Town remix)

StreamerPilot - Red Sea Remixes EP
1. Boban Markovic - Sina Nari * StreamerPilot's Sun Day refresh
2. Burhan Ocal & The Trakya All Stars – Karabiber * StreamerPilot's near Detroit refix
3. Nidi D'arac - Quante Tarente * StreamerPilot's when Rattled rmx

StreamerPilot -White Sugar EP
1.Locos Por Juana-Armando * (StreamerPilot's Bomba remix)
2.Zuco 103- She (StreamerPilot's Mother remix)
3.Merlin Shepherd - Pass The Kasha (StreamerPilot's Kosher remix)

- Mazaher ft. mps PILOT - Present Zar on Sufi's secrets vol. 2 (Lola's World records)
- Zuco 103 - She ~ StreamerPilots mother mix (Dox records)
- Nova Lima - Tumbala ~ StreamerPilot ¡Azu madre! Remix (Cumbancha)
- Burhan Öçal & The Trakya All Stars - Karabiber ~ StreamerPilot Remix (Doublemoon)
- Ot Azoj Klezmer Band: Turkish Honga ~ StreamerPilot remix on V.A. - “BalkanBeats vol.3” (Eastblok)
- Kofi Ayivor – Adzagli ~ StreamerPilot (Broken Afro Remix rmx)
- Kofi Ayivor – Adzagli ~ StreamerPilot (Club-Re-Rub)
- Kofi Ayivor – Adzagli ~ StreamerPilot (Coup The Decaller rmx)
- Sailing the seven seas (selected by DJ mps PILOT) - Various Artists (Piranha)
- MOVE / Mundial Music Compilation / mix cd (Mundial records)

Kasba - Halima - StreamerPilot Bestellah remix (Zig zag)

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