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Some say you see what you envision. MarQuest seems to be right each and every time he has a photo shoot. MarQuest is a gifted soul with a creative mind and a very artistic person that strive to better himself as a photographer and also an individual. Photography was the answer that MarQuest found to his artistic state of mind to enhance his career and also to network and meet more and more people. His photography work mainly focus on Glamor, Print, Editorial, Import Cars and Custom Bikes etc..
MarQuest has such a unique characteristic about himself which carries on to the person he is today. Born in 1984 in St. Ann Jamaica, life was never an easy road for MarQuest and his family, where he spent eight year's of his life after migrating to America. Throughout MarQuest life, Photography has always been an integral part of him.
All his life MarQuest has struggled to make things better as a person, and to prove to himself and everyone else that he can achieve his goals with photography. His dream is to achieve these goals to assist his mother and family members, as he could not have done it without their support, guidance and assistance. MarQuest companions never realized that he would be as dedicated as he is towards his photography today and that's why people respect him and believe that he already has what it takes to make it to the next level.
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