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We are Mr.Beam

As a team of video mapping directors and motion designers, we strongly believe that the time has come to break the rectangular boundaries of how we as humans are used to experience visuals. We believe that with the right creative approach and a slightly different view, ordinary objects and architectural artifacts can be turned into extraordinary forms of media. Driven by the possibilities of video mapping and projections, we passionately try to push this philosophy to the limit. Whether it's an exterior, interior or an object, in our opinion anything can be seen as a canvas to tell a story or share a message.

By using state of the art projectors and several measuring techniques, our team is able to cover a preferred piece of architecture or object with precise and uniquely made visual content. This careful process gives us the creative freedom to play with architectural forms and the daily things around us as if they were a canvas. It is almost as if we wrap the physical world with a digital coating, allowing us to reveal a potential alter ego.

Throughout the past few years our passion for our work has not only brought us a lot of experience, but it has also resulted in a remarkable portfolio with a large variety of projects that represent our distinctive approach. Both artistic pieces as well as commercially based projects have given us worldwide attention and the honor to work for many different brands and talented production companies.

We love what we do, and we're always open for new challenges.

Yours truly,


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