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Most of the time i dont know what to say about my self, but most of my friends say that i am awosomely wierd, responsable and dependable, funny and original, plus really creative, so i really dont know what to say!

What I do know is that i love what I do. Every video, animation, composite, color correction and audio mix I get involved in i give it my all.

But you know what? I'll let you decide!



  1. Ghost VFX
  2. Kafe Caliente
  3. ACvideo
  4. Ztadium Studios
  5. Jean Garcia
  6. Up Films Band
  7. Cuadra
  8. Roberto Chriqui
  9. Al Heck
  10. grzegorz jonkajtys
  11. Christian Langlois
  12. Victor Ruiz
  13. WASTE | Julien Pietri
  14. La Visual Sonora
  15. Tuto Guerrero
  16. Patricia Rodriguez - Mediabox
  17. Jose Delio Ares Garcia
  18. aura canela

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