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  1. The Answering Machine Music Videos & Artwork

    by Mr. Hand joined

    3 Videos / 20 Members

    A collection of music videos and artwork for The Answering Machine EP Series. The Answering Machine EPs are a series of 5 EPs being released over 5 months; Each EP being released as it is written.…

  2. We Love Music

    by Czlowiek Kamera joined

    56K Videos / 13.8K Members

    Do you love music? JOIN US! Share your music and music videos. www.vimeo.com/groups/100

  3. The Director of Photography

    by Kees Smans joined

    29.8K Videos / 8,608 Members

    Show your production here. A showcase for you as a filmmaker. Art, shorts, promo’s, music videos , commercials , animation or even time laps. Talk about your gear, editing, sound, post…

  4. Indie Music

    by Zenfilm joined

    392 Videos / 6,349 Members

    Music videos for and by independent recording artists. We are looking for creative, original works by pros and amateurs and everything in-between. Welcome.

  5. Cool Music Videos

    by Fly on the Wall joined

    37.4K Videos / 9,803 Members

    Add your cool music video to this group, so far the videos on this group are all from South Africa - would be rad to make it global!

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