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Caulfield South, Vic Australia

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Sharon Tal has been walking the spiritual path since 1992. She came to Australia from Israel in 1999 where she ran her own marketing company.

For 19 years she has been practising meditation, psychic work, hands on healing, and has studied the Kabbalah with several teachers and a rabbi.

With profound commitment to her own growth and her progress as a healer, Sharon became a qualified Reiki Master and Teacher; Kinergetics Instructor; Touch for health Instructor; and Reset Instructor trainer. Sharon translated both Reset and Kinergetics into Hebrew, teaching these overseas as well.

She has held a regular meditation circle for over 9 years and runs a number of workshops for both individuals and professional organizations.

During the time of completing her diploma in Kinesiology, she became an instructor for the Touch for Health modality (5 levels), became a practitioner in Theta healing, an advanced practitioner in TMJ Relief, and an advanced practitioner in NAET; a method for allergy elimination.

Sharon has completed an intensive study of nutrition, herbal remedies, and weight management and is inspired to help those who would like to transform their health. To this end she has pursued studies in anatomy and physiology, and is mastering working with people’s emotions, language of the face and more.
“Eton” – the Israeli newspaper in Australia – has hosted Sharon’s spirituality column, where she is regularly consulted on matters of health and spirit. Sharon enjoys sharing her knowledge in order to increase the light awareness on the planet. She has often been quoted in newspaper articles, and has been on both a regular Radio Show and a TV morning show.

In 2012 Sharon completed her Diploma in Counselling complimenting the modalities she already works with and further developing techniques to help clients process and integrate their expanded understandings and awareness. Together with Kinesiology, Sharon utilizes skills that which have been developed from knowledge of the Kabbalah, Native American philosophies, Crystal Healing, Reiki, Seichem and Kinergetics; thereby providing a rich basis to teach and guide those who wish to walk their own spiritual path.

Years of experience with psychic work and channeling also enhance Sharon’s ability to pinpoint core issues, and to assist each individual in their unique journey. With gentle and safe, yet firm and truthful values, together with her extensive experience, Sharon assists her clients in removing the hurdles that can keep them stuck in outworn ways of being.

As part of our vision at Melbourne Kinesiology & Detox Centre, we would like to help you tap into who you really are. All you need is the desire to explore the things that may stop you or slow you down in your life, and the courage to make the natural changes. Together we can find the right way for you to heal your life.

The Spiritual Path is an individual journey into the self, and communicating with others. In a safe and supportive environment you can allow yourself to release sabotage patterns, allergies, past traumas, guilt and pain. You will receive tools to use in your everyday life, to enable you to empower yourself and others with a positive balanced and healthy approach.

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