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  1. 01:43:23

    Hey You, MU! Season 5

    by Communications @ MU

    11 Videos

    Season 5 of MCN 87's flagship TV show, Hey You, MU! Individual Segments and whole finished shows are here.

  2. 03:59:52

    MU Sports Reporters Season 2

    by Communications @ MU

    8 Videos

    MU Sports Reporters is a live to tape production of the Misericordia University Communications Department. Student run and produced, MU Sports Reporters is a weekly sports commentary show that…

  3. 15:37

    Video 1 Fall 2013 Final Projects

    by Communications @ MU

    11 Videos

    Students in Video I, Intro to Video Production, are tasked with creating video projects for clients with our Service Learning department on campus. From concept meetings, to scripting through final…

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