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  1. Thai Toutain
  2. Nesta UK

    Nesta UK PRO London


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    Nesta is the UK’s innovation foundation. We help people and organisations bring great ideas to life. We do this by providing investments and grants and mobilising research, networks and skills.

  3. UMAMI Video

    UMAMI Video PRO Cookreativity


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    UMAMI Video by Joan Gurí Multimedia content for creative cuisine www.umamivideo.com Contact: umami.office@gmail.com hello@umamivideo.com Tweet us: @UmamiVideo @EstherUmami

  4. Device

    Device Plus Barcelona


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    Device is an audiovisual design studio based in Barcelona. We focus on direction and art direction for design, motion graphics, audio and installations. We work with different styles we consider opposites, that interrelate to one another, generating our whole body of work.

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