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Mullage: (noun.) Musical collage; collaborating together in music to create a new age R&B/Hip Hop infused sound.
The architects of the sound of the new south, “B Boi” hailing from the Southside of Atlanta (Southwest to be exact) , “B Town” also hailing from the Southside of Atlanta (College Park to be exact) collectively know as Mullage.
Although they both grew up in Atlanta just a few miles apart, it took them traveling half way around the world to meet by way of US Navy. Instantly they realized they shared a common bond- Music. Although they were stationed on different ships, that didn’t keep them from recording & performing whenever the opportunity presented itself.
As soon as they got out the Navy, they moved back to Atlanta with 1 goal in mind, to become a part of musical history. It didn’t take long for the industry to catch wind of this new dynamic duo. After a high energy performance at the legendary Blue Flame and thanks to Carlos and Osei The Dark Secret, they signed to From The Ground Up Records and the rest is history. With their unique experiences & world travel brace yourself for something different a musical collage- Mullage.
L.A. Reid says - “You guys remind me of a combination of Outkast meets The Dream”

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