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Hello, I'm Dietrootbeer also known as Mushroomfox
I'm a very simple self trained watercolor scribbler and a low-polygon modeler
I do simple low polygon anim8or tutorials. Bigger tutorials, like a "how to" for a characters model will be made up of several parts
I also can do blender tutorials, but will be made up in many parts


Why is your mouse have a dot around it?
yellow dot: lets you know where my mouse is (no button pressed)
red dot: Left mouse button is pressed or held down
blue dot: Right mouse button is pressed or held down

Whats a Polygon?
A polygon, usually made up of 2 triangles (faces) is a flat square/rectangle shape mesh you see on a model

What are vertices?
Vertices are the points on a model usually marked by little boxes you will see me highlighting

What does low-poly (polygon) mean?
just as it sounds low polygon or poly for short, is a model with little polygons usually a very blocky model mainly used in video (good example is early 3D video games)


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    are those toys? or is it SUPER special effects? I cant tell XD